KAMAB Simbra Stud

Welcome to Kamab Simbra Stud, one of the largest Simbra Stud in the world! We have been breeding Simbras since 1986.

Come and enjoy our photo gallery as well as our news updates. If you ever are in Namibia please pay us a visit!
Diethelm, Katja, Nikolai & Nicola Metzger
Central Select Auction 2015 10 September 2015, @ 17h31
Bank Windhoek/Agra Ring in Windhoek.

Beesinligtingsdag - 6 Augustus 2015
Kamab Simbra stud’s most important goals have always been high fertility and meat production from the veld. Fertility in the females is very strictly observed and only the best bulls get selected. Only with a very strict selection in place can a high quality animal be guaranteed!