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Central Select Summer Auction 2015

25 March 2015, 17h31 AGRA Bank Windhoek Ring at the Windhoek Show Grounds
Lot 2: DM12241 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12241

    Lot 2: DM12241

A very well muscled, easy moving bull. This is the complete package! Structurally sound, good figures and an exceptional pedigree! All growth figures and his carcass figure are in the top 15-20% of the breed! Use this bull to produce scale breaking Weaner's and Steers!

Lot 4: DM12226C - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12226C

    Lot 4: DM12226C

A strong pedigree supports this outstanding bull! His dam, a KAMAB Rainie daughter, has an ICP of just 352! With figures in the top 15-20% of the breed for BW, 400d, 600d, Milk, SS and Carcase, this strong bull should be used to bring fertility and heavy steers to your herd!

Lot 7: DM12244B- Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12244B

    Lot 7: DM12244B

This Bleka Kovu son is a structurally sound, early maturing, compact bull. His figure for SS is in the top 10% of the breed! His dam has proven herself with a low ICP of just 366!

Lot 8: DM12283C - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12283C

    Lot 8: DM12283C

This Polled bull comes out of a very fertile female line! His great dam has an incredible ICP of 368 over 11calves!! A great genetic combination of American-Boy and Belle Ombré Joe. Use him with ease on your heifers. His figure for BW is in the top 10% of the breed!

Lot 9: DM12128C - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12128C

    Lot 9: DM12128C

This bull first caught people's attention when his photo made the cover of the Landbou Weekblad, February 21st 2014! His dam boasts long-levity and the prestigious 3 Stars! He himself has exceptional figures with figures for 200d, 400d, 600d, carcass, EMA, RBY, SRF and SRW Indexs ALL in the top 5% of the breed! You need this bull to pick up your herds growth and milk whilst still keeping with low BW calves!

Lot 10: DM12230 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12230

    Lot 10: DM12230

Amazing figures right throughout! Top 1% for IMF and Top 5-10% for 400d, 600d, Milk, Carcase, Rib and Rump fat, EMA and NG index. A strong, solid red, F4 bull. Another great genetic combination of Puma and Jack. His dam boasts an excellent ICP of just 324!

Lot 12: DM12275 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12275

    Lot 12: DM12275

What an awesome, beefy, Jumbo son! Great figures and excellent hair quality! Milk figure in the top 5% for the breed and all growth figures and RBY in the top 15-20% of the breed!

Lot 13: DM12140 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12140

    Lot 13: DM12140

This bull's dam is truly one of the greats! She has already produced more than one sale bull for KAMAB as well as the show champion cow KAMAB Geraldine! At 12 yrs of age she is still active and again in calf with an ICP of an amazing 367! This outstanding bull has impressive figures to go with! Figures for 200d, 400d, 600d, Milk, Carcase, Rib and Rump fat, IMF, and all index figures in the top 1-10% of the breed! If you want to boost growth, fertility and long-levity in your herd this structurally sound, growthy, well balanced bull is what you need!

Lot 15: DM12200 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM12200

    Lot 15: DM12200

This bull is out of another productive KAMAB Cow with and ICP of just 389 over 4 calves. Good figures all round with top 5-10% for RBY, IMF and NG Index. Low on birth and above average on all growth figures, then coming down on MCW. This is the ideal, small calves with plenty of growth, finishing up as moderate framed, functional cows!