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Central Select Summer Auction 2018

22 February 2018, 10h59 Agra/Bank Windhoek Sales Ring on the Windhoek Show Grounds

The Metzger family and the Kamab team want to thank everybody involved to make this Sale happen!

A total of 28 Bulls (Simbra, Simmentaler, Brahman & Angus) were offered for Sale. 26 Bulls were sold. All Kamab Simbra Bulls were sold for an average of N$ 46 900.00. The highest priced Bull was Kamab Ted (Lot 6), who sold for N$ 65 000.00. He went to a Farm in the Otjiwarongo District. The second highest price was payed for Kamab Liam (Lot 7) who went to a Farm east of Gobabis. We, the Metzger family, thank all Buyers, Bidders and Attendants for your support and participation. We are convinced that you will be happy with your newly acquired Bull and we hope that the Bulls give you lots of calves and joy.

Lot 6: KAMAB TED - DM15213 - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15213

    Lot 6: KAMAB TED - DM15213

Kamab Ted - First ever Transformer Son available on sale, and he doesn’t disappoint. POLLED and boasting with great looks, EBV’s, pedigree and structure, Kamab Ted would be a game changer for many herds. His maternal half-brother is in the current line-up of Kamab Stud Sires and we are truly impressed with what he is doing for us at Kamab. Kamab Ted is bred out of a strong dam and dam line.

Lot 7: KAMAB LIAM - DM15125 - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15125

    Lot 7: KAMAB LIAM - DM15125

We bought Diana’s Fabio with high hopes, and he sure does deliver! We bring you Kamab Liam- the first ever Fabio son up for sale. Liam is a capacity-filled bull with great figures. He is in the top 1% of the breed for Retail Beef Yield, making him the bull you need for top steer production. Liam shares his amazing Dam with last year’s highest priced bull, Kamab Gang. Liam has a strong pedigree supported by great EBV’s.

Lot 8: KAMAB KERRY - DM15121C - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15121C

    Lot 8: KAMAB KERRY - DM15121C

He is Polled, he is beefy, and he is an impressive looking bull. Kamab Kerry can easily be used to open heifers without sacrificing on growth. His sire is Kamab Konstantin who comes out of Kovu – the father of Kamab’s popular K-line, which consistently succeeds for both us at Kamab and our clients. Furthermore, Kamab Kerry has an amazing 3 Star Rainie daughter as his dam - 8 Calves and a short ICP of only 361days.

Lot 9: KAMAB OMEYA - DM15253 - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15253

    Lot 9: KAMAB OMEYA - DM15253

A genetic combination of some of Kamab’s great breeding lines. Kamab Omeya is a well-balanced, structurally sound sire, who boasts with EBV for milk in the Top 5% of the breed, making him a great option for those looking to produce top Replacement heifers.

Lot 10: KAMAB KEEGAN - DM15144C - SOLD!
  • DM15144C

    Lot 10: KAMAB KEEGAN - DM15144C

What a bull what a sire! There is so much going for this young, good-looking bull. Open your eyes and let Kamab Keegan do his magic. Keegan comes out of an attractive, feminine, 12.5yo dam who is back in calf with her 11th calf!! Her impressively short ICP is just 362 over 10 calves. Great sires have amazing dams and sisters! Keegan is a great choice to improve the fat score of your herd, with EBV’s in the top 1% of the breed for IMF, Rib and Rump fat.

Lot 22: KAMAB BOY - DM15272B - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15272B

    Lot 22: KAMAB BOY - DM15272B

Kamab Boy is the perfect choice to add a little frame and bone to your calves with above average growth EBV’s to back him up. Boy is out of a very strong dam with a short ICP of only 349 over 9 calves - a true producer! Boys fat EBV’s are in the top 1 and 5 % of the breed and his growth figures are not to be overlooked. Kamab Boy will work very well on more Bos Taurus type cows.

Lot 23: KAMAB KINGSTON - DM15337 - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15337

    Lot 23: KAMAB KINGSTON - DM15337

Having 3 half brothers in this line up of sale bulls is a proof of the success of the Kamab K-line, (the line that produced the renowned Kamab Kookaburra - Windhoek Show Champion of Champions for both 2016 and 2017.) Kamab Kingston is further proof of these line’s success and is himself bred like a king with Kookaburra Family on both sides of his pedigree. Furthermore, Kingston is in the top percentile of the breed for his Fat and Scrotal EBV’s.

Lot 24: KAMAB RAYMOND - DM15103 - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15103

    Lot 24: KAMAB RAYMOND - DM15103

A compact, early-maturing bull. Kamab Raymond has good growth EBV’s to keep your profits climbing. Raymond can easily be used for both Weaner and Steer Production and comes out of good dam lines with strong Milk EBV’s. He’ll breed you quality, feminine, replacement heifers.

Lot 25: KAMAB GEOFF - DM15264 - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15264

    Lot 25: KAMAB GEOFF - DM15264

A Kamab Ginger son that does not disappoint! Kamab Geoff has great length and width of body. He boasts with outstanding growth EBV’s and economic indexes, both in the top percentile of the breed. Geoff is bred out of a strong, 3 Star, Machiato daughter who’s ICP is a short 384 days. She is a true producer, with many of here bull calves making it to sale level and heifer calves going on to become stud cows.

Lot 26: KAMAB KARSON - DM15141 - SOLD!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM15141

    Lot 26: KAMAB KARSON - DM15141

Another Konstantin Son from the impressive Kamab K-Line. Kamab Karson is bred out of 3 Star DM03164 who, at age 13, calved with a cracking ICP of only 368 over 11 calves. Use Karson to introduce the Polled factor whilst improving the longevity of your herd. He will also add the required fat to your breeding program with all 3 fat EBV’s in the top 1% of the breed!