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Firstly, I would like to explain that Kamab Simbra is the Simbra Stud owned by Katja & Diethelm Metzger, whereas Nossob Simbra is a joint venture between Onjati Brahman (Mr. Sigi von Lüttwitz) and Kamab Simmentaler. Because we have an interest in Nossob Simbra, I shall also report on its achievements.

Gobabis Show was attended by Kamab- and Nossob Simbra:
  • Calf Champion Heifer: LM1108B (Nossob)
  • Calf Champion Bull: DM11130 (Kamab)
  • Junior Champion Heifer: DM10193 (Nossob)
  • Reserve Junior Champion Heifer: DM10193 (Nossob)
  • Junior Champion Bull: Kamab Konstantin - DM09331 (Kamab)
  • Senior Champion Cow: Kamab Geraldine - DM09112C
  • Senior Champion Bull: Kamab Ginger Ale - DM09113C
  • Breed Champion Female: DM10193
  • Breed Champion Bull: Kamab Ginger Ale

At the recent Gobabis Show, two Simbra exhibitors were present. The female Calf Champion went to the Nossob Simbra Stud . No Bull Calves were shown. Kamab Simbra won both the Junior Championships, both the Senior Championships, as well as both Breed Championships.

The real challenge at the Gobabis Show is the Interbreed Championship where the Simbra has to compete with contenders to the likes of the Angus-, Brangus-, Brahman-, Charolais-, Limousin- and Sussex breeds. The Kamab Simbra Stud won the Junior Cow Interbreed competition with DM09112C (Kamab Geraldine), the Junior Bull Interbreed champion competition with DM09113C (Kamab Ginger Ale). This same bull also went on to become the Reserve Interbreed Champion Bull. It is worthwhile mentioning that Kamab Ginger Ale was the only Namibian bred bull in this class; all the other competitors were imported bulls.