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Champions & Legends

Teufel (A8749F1) and Benjamin (UDM8848A) were the bulls that had the biggest influence in the Metsibra Simbra Stud in the beginning and were also the Sires who produced the real crackers, the Legends of the Kamab Simbra Herd: Tingeling (UDM9355B), Tundra (UDM91246B) and Bingo (UDM91314B).

Tingeling was used in 31 Simbra Herds and produced 642 registered calves. His sons produced 2209 registered calves until 11 May 2009. Tundra was used in 3 Herds and produced 171 calves. His sons, however, produced 2292 calves. Bingo, mainly a female Breeder, produced 160 calves in our herd only. Four of his sons produced 414 calves in other herds, one of them being Schubra Joe, who is a well known Bull in South African Simbra circles.