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Firstly, I would like to explain that Kamab Simbra is the Simbra Stud owned by Katja & Diethelm Metzger, whereas Nossob Simbra is a joint venture between Onjati Brahman (Mr. Sigi von Lüttwitz) and Kamab Simmentaler. Because we have an interest in Nossob Simbra, I shall also report on its achievements.

  • Reserve Group of 3 with: Kamab Ginger Ale, Kamab Geraldine & DM10193
  • Winner progeny group of 4: Progeny group of Nossob Simbra with Kamab Jack as Sire.
  • Winner progeny group of 3 Bulls: Prog. Group of Kamab Simbra with Bleka Kovu as Sire.
  • Reserve Junior Champion Heifer: DM10193 (Nossob)
  • Reserve Senior Champion Cow: Kamab Geraldine
  • Reserve Senior Champion Bull: Kamab Flipside
  • Reserve Breed Champion Bull: Kamab Flipside

At the Windhoek Show held recently in September 2011, both the Kamab Simbra and Nossob Simbra studs received prestigious acknowledgement for their animals on show. Amongst the 5 breeders present, a total of 56 animals were presented.

Stud: Nossob Simbra
  • Slaughter oxen competition on the hoof: (3x oxen are presented and judged) Place: 4th
  • Slaughter oxen competition on the hook: (3x oxen are presented and judged) Place: 4th
  • Calf Heifer Champion: Kamab July (bred by Kamab Simbra and owned by Nossob Simbra)
  • Reserve Calf Bull: Nossob Rabano

Stud: Kamab Simbra
  • Standard Bank Bull of the Year: Windhoek & Namibia Overall:
    Bleka Kovu (BE0527C) with his progeny
    Kamab Kirsten (DM09297C)
    Kamab Kimi (DM09330)
    Kamab Karla (DM09295)
    Bull calves:
    Kamab Kenia (DM09327)
    Kamab Kanavaro (DM09422)
    Kamab Konstantine (DM09331 (P))
  • Junior Champion Cow, Res. Breed Champion & Jnr Interbreed Champion:
    Kamab Geraldine (DM09112C)
  • Junior Reserve Champion Cow:
    Kamab Kimi (DM09330)
  • Junior Champion Bull:
    Kamab Ginger Ale (DM09113C)
  • Junior Reserve Champion Bull:
    Kamab Kanavaro (DM09422)