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Central Select Auction 2014

11 September 2014, 17h31 AGRA Bank Windhoek Ring at the Windhoek Show Grounds
Lot 41: DM11300B - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11300B

    Lot 41: DM11300B

One of the final two sons of breed defining Stud Sire KAMAB Jack. Excellent growth figures and a N$ Index in the top 5% of the breed! Dam is a consistant producer of quality Simbras and has an ICP of just 362! If you want a bull with presence and style and are looking to take your weaner/ steer production to the next level, dont look past this oustanding sire!

Lot 42: DM11316 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11316

    Lot 42: DM11316

A true example of the level of excellence that results from 29 years of combining the breeds best genetics! We are pround to offer this fine KAMAB Flipside son, with the knowledge that one lucky bidder will be going home with what we know to be a worthy Stud Sire for any quality breeder! This wouldn't be the first Stud Sire from this bulls Dam, who sure knows how to produce, heifers, replacement females, weaners... the list goes on! No matter what you are trying to achieve in your breeding, this powerful, eye-catching, structually sound gentleman of a bull, can launch you to the level you have been aiming for!

Lot 43: DM11218B - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11218B

    Lot 43: DM11218B

Another top bull! This KAMAB Mocca son is red with a white blaze, great hair quality, plenty of growth, and a moderate frame. Great Growth Figures and a Weaner Index in the top 10% of the breed.

Lot 44: DM11210 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11210

    Lot 44: DM11210

EBV’s in the top 10% of the breed for 400day, 600day and RBY, and top 5% for Milk. This powerful, medium framed, very well muscled bull is sired by Bleka Kovu. This bull has got it all! Growth, hair quality and plenty of muscle all packed into this impressive, medium framed bull!

Lot 45: DM11393C - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11393C

    Lot 45: DM11393C

With the genetics of Sire Bleka Kovu combined with those of one of KAMABs exceptionally fertile cows (Dams ICP just 392 over an impressive 8calves) we knew this red bull was one to watch from day 1! He didnt dissapoint! With growth figures to satisfy, and a milk figure not to be overlooked this bull will find his place breeding you the replacement females you hope for and the weaners you need!

Lot 46: DM11309 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11309

    Lot 46: DM11309

The complete all-rounder! This bull has length, capacity and muscle! A milk figure in the top 1% for the breed, and a Dam with exceptional fertility (ICP of just 350), this bull could be the answer to breeding your own replacement females. But thats not all! With a BW EBV in the top 5% of the breed, curve-bending EBVs coupled with good growth, you could just as well use him to open heifers or even produce weaners and/or steers! He can do it all!

Lot 47: DM11189 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11189

    Lot 47: DM11189

This KAMAB Flipside son is another of our impressive dual purpose bulls ready to start working in your heard! Milk EBV in the top 1% of the breed and a 3star Dam who never disappointed, adding 12 worthy Simbras to the breed whilst keeping her ICP to an unbelievable 363! With growth figures to be impressed by, (600day and MCW in the top 20% and top 15% of the breed respectfully) surely this is the bull you've been searching for to produce your next generation of quality breeding females or give your weaner/steer production the edge it needs!

Lot 48: DM11325 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11325

    Lot 48: DM11325

This Polled, well muscled, balanced bull out of Polled KAMAB Stud Sire, Richter Royal Flush (sire of last years CS highest priced bull) has growth figures that cannot be faulted! 200, 400 and 600day figures as well as N$ index are all in the top 5%of the breed, complimented with a low BW EBV of just +0.7! If you need a bull to produce you weaners and steers that surpass the rest, make no mistake, this is your bull!

Lot 49: DM11387 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11387

    Lot 49: DM11387

Dont miss your chance to own one of the few KAMAB Tida sons yet to be offered! Out of a BELLE OMBRE Joe daughter, what an oppertunity... this bulls Dam is the maternal sister to hight flying KAMAB Stud Sires (whom KAMAB believes is one his way to becoming one of the breed greats) KAMAB Janus! Exceptionally muscled, balanced, structually sound! Just one look and you will see the potential this bull has to offer. Very pleasing EBV's for growth and comes down on MCW which is exactly what you need when your looking to maintain moderate framed cattle without loosing on the growth factor! A great choice when looking to breed heifers, steers and weaners!

Lot 50: DM11212 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11212

    Lot 50: DM11212

This bull is a true reflection of his powerful Sire, Bleka Kovu! Muscling at its best! This early maturing bull is balanced, sound and has a head strong and fitting to the frame of which it partners! Stand behind, to the side, to the front... this bull will impress at any angle and is just as correct when this bull is on the move! Introduce this bull to your herd and we are confident the outcome will impress! If replacement females, weaners or steers are your what you are needing to produce, this bull can get you there!

Lot 51: DM11455C - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11455C

    Lot 51: DM11455C

Another of the select few KAMAB Tida Sons yet to be offered for sale! A bull with beef, length, presence and style! Out of an exceptional KAMAB Joker daughter, (ICP 314 and Simdex of 100) and a milk EBV in the top 5%of the breed, this bull has excellent potential in a herd aiming at breeding replacement females! A low BW EBV, and pleasing growth EBVs (particularly 200days) this bull would also be a great choice when selecting a bull for weaner production!

Lot 52: DM11190 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11190

    Lot 52: DM11190

This bull has EBVs in the top 5% and 10% accross the board! Milk, all growth EBVs, MCW and N$ index are all up there with the best of the best!!! This KAMAB Flipside Son out of a KAMAB favourite DM06101C (3star and ICP of 393 over 6 calves), will perform, especially if you are producing weaners, steers or replacement females!!! This is a bull you want in your breeding program!

Lot 53: DM11257B - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11257B

    Lot 53: DM11257B

A well muscled KAMAB Jack son with great hair quality! This is a bull with amazing presence and excellent structure. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to use this bull in your program!

Lot 54: DM11374 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11374

    Lot 54: DM11374

If you are looking for a heifer bull this is one to have! Hair quality, length, depth, structual soundness and muscle have all come together in this KAMAB Tida son! Out of a BELLE OMBRE Joe daughter this stylish bull has an EBV for BW of just +0.1!

Lot 55: DM11429 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11429

    Lot 55: DM11429

This is another of the sons of one of KAMABs top Bull producers, BLEKA Kovu! Early maturing and powerfully muscled! Dam (ICP of just 356) is a half sister to KAMAB sensation, and 2013 Queens Cup Winner, KAMAB Red! This combination of genetics has worked! With a milk EBV in top 15%of breed and good figures for growth this bull will breed lovely replacement females and great steers!

Lot 56: DM11164 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11164

    Lot 56: DM11164

If you need a bull to open heifers but aren't prepared to sacrifice on growth, look no futher than this KAMAB Mocca son! This red bull with a white blaze has great structual soundness, balance, and capacity!!! EBV for BW in the top 10% of the breed!!!

Lot 57: DM11346 - Sold!
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM11346

    Lot 57: DM11346

What a exceptional bull KAMAB is proud to have close this years selection of KAMAB CS Bulls! In no way a bull to be overlooked! Milk EBV in the top 15% of the breed and curve-bending figures for growth, this early maturing son of BLEKA Kovu, and out of a productive OKANGAMA Pieter Daughter (ICP OF 384), this bull is perfect for any herd looking to produce their own moderate framed replacement females and quick growing weaners and steers!