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Central Select Auction 2023

05 September 2023, 17h01 Agra/Bank Windhoek Sales Ring on the Windhoek Show Grounds

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Lot 1: KAMAB Varna - DM20702
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20702

    Lot 1: Kamab Varna - DM20702

Kamab Varna is an outstanding LZ102 son out of a polled transformer daughter. He's a well-balanced bull with outstanding muscling and hair quality! A free moving bull with a strong head. Varna is a bull too add muscle to your herd & breed you a strong line of replacement females with great udders.

Lot 2: KAMAB Kamburu - DM20590
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20590

    Lot 2: Kamab Kamburu - DM20590

Kamab Kumburu is by legend Kamab Kookaburra. Out of one of Kamab's top breeders, an outstanding Kamab Ginger-Ale daughter, Kumburu offers a combination of some of the breeds best genetics. Kumburu has a great width across the chest, he moves easily & has good hair quality. A strong bull to use in self-replacing steer & weaner producing herds.

Lot 3: KAMAB Quartz - DM20540
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20540

    Lot 3: Kamab Quartz - DM20540

A suburb Vleisberg Quanto son, Quartz is a bull to head-up your breeding team. This beefy bull is structurally correct with great bone & confirmation. Quartz has an impressive set of growth EBVS, from birth to MA. Medium framed; great carcass shape; early maturing type of bull. Out of a strong dam with a great udder, Quartz is defiantly a bull for breeders looking for a team leader or new Stud Sire!

Lot 4: KAMAB Dargin - DM20577B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20577B

    Lot 4: Kamab Dargin - DM20577B

Another solid, medium framed, early maturing type bull. Kamab Dargin is an excellent breeding choice for buyers driven by profits! Capacity, structure, pigment. Dargin is a curve-bender by definition. He comes out of a productive Ginger-Ale daughter with a string of great progeny & an outstanding udder. Dargin has muscle and ticks so many boxes! A bull to produce the next generation of superior replacement females for your self-replacing weaner or steer production system.

Lot 5: KAMAB Qilin - DM20541B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20541B

    Lot 5: Kamab Qilin - DM20541B

Kamab Qilin is another of this sales’ top Vleisberg Quanto sons. Width from front to back, strong head & great confirmation! Very strong topline and a clean underline. Qilin has exceptional profit indexes, promising to do well across a multitude of Southern African production systems! A great opportunity for your Beef business.

Lot 6: KAMAB Rukwa - DM20674B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20674B

    Lot 6: Kamab Rukwa - DM20674B

Our first Rumba Miracle son up for grabs, Rukwa boasts with a strong head, good balance and loads of capacity. Rukwa is Structurally Superb! Outstanding curve-bending figures and Profit Indexes. A top choice for those breeding replacement heifers and those wanting to increase Profit!

Lot 7: KAMAB Dal - DM20663B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20663B

    Lot 7: Kamab Dal - DM20663B

Dal is a Kamab Danger son out of a Functional Ahlee daughter. Good Structure and capacity, complimented by a strong head and excellent presence. Having good fertility indicator EBV’s and very good Profit Indexes Dal is a top choice for many herds. He’ll add value to your whole production system.

Lot 8: KAMAB Shiel - DM20724B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20724B

    Lot 8: Kamab Shiel - DM20724B

Shiel is a stylish, Polled, SBA Sensation son that can be used to open heifers with ease. Shiel has a strong top line, good balance and overall capacity. Strong head and clean underline. His dam is a polled Ice Tea daughter proving to be a top producer with both sons so far making it to Central Select.

Lot 9: KAMAB Dillon - DM20262B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20262B

    Lot 9: Kamab Dillon - DM20262B

Dillon boasts with great hair quality, strong muscling (especially over his top line), amazing balance and great posture. Dillon has the same sire as well-known Kamab Danger, His dam is a Nossob lovely Jump Start daughter. Dillon has got the looks to impress and BW EBV’s to ensure his safety opening heifers. If you need quality, Dillon’s got you covered!

Lot 27: KAMAB Kariba - DM20121C
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20121C

    Lot 27: Kamab Kariba - DM20121C

Kamab Kariba is an impressive bull, sure to catch the eye. A spitting image of his sire Kamab Kookaburra, Kariba boasts with great conformation and structure. Amazing width through the chest and over his topline. He carries his width all the way through to his hindquarter. Kariba has strong EBV’s and is out of an eye-catching Ahlee daughter.

Lot 28: KAMAB Sagar - DM20848
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20848

    Lot 28: Kamab Sagar - DM20848

By Kamab legend, Kamab Savvy, this youngster is the youngest of the group but he lacks in nothing. Out of one of Kamab’s best show cows, Kamab Maybe, Sagar is another combination of top genetics waiting to be utilised. Sagar has good capacity and very good balance. Use Sagar to produce productive, above average, females for your herd.

Lot 29: KAMAB Qinghai - DM20569B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20569B

    Lot 29: Kamab Qinghai - DM20569B

A polled Quanto son out of an amazing dam who remained active in the Kamab stud until 14 years of age. Qinghai impresses with great length, width and muscling. Complimented with a clean underline and a very well-defined hock.

Lot 30: KAMAB Shala - DM20613
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20613

    Lot 30: Kamab Shala - DM20613

Another top son by Kamab Savvy, Shala will catch your attention with his strong bone, good structure, and good capacity. Furthermore, Shala has good presence with a strong, masculine, head and neck. Shala is out of a feminine Royal Flush daughter with good udder.

Lot 31: KAMAB Abert - DM20646B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20646B

    Lot 31: Kamab Abert - DM20646B

Strong bone, good underline and strong topline with good width in his hindquarter. Abert is an Kamab Apollo son that can be used confidently on heifers. Good growth and very good Carcass EBV’s, great Profit Indexes and fertility figures.

Lot 32: KAMAB Atlin - DM20519
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20519

    Lot 32: Kamab Atlin - DM20519

Great capacity and conformation! Clean underline and an amazing top line with a very good hindquarter. Atlin sets himself apart when it comes to carcass shape but can be used safely on heifers. Out of a top Ginger Ale daughter with a good udder. Atlins’ Profit indexes and fertility EBV’s, making him a good option for self-replacing herds.

Lot 33: KAMAB Milford - DM20817C
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20817C

    Lot 33: Kamab Milford - DM20817C

Milford has good length and width of body and nice hair quality. He is a Kamab Monopoly son with good Muscling. Milford is a good choice to add beef and growth.

Lot 34: KAMAB Qullen - DM20628
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20628

    Lot 34: Kamab Qullen - DM20628

A Quanto son out of another top Kookaburra daughter. Qullen impresses with his Capacity and growth. He is a solid choice for those in need of growth and improved carcass shape. He moves freely and has well shaped hooves.

Lot 42: KAMAB Murray - DM20807
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20807

    Lot 42: Kamab Murray - DM20807

Another Kamab Monopoly son this time out of 13 years old Kamab Jack daughter. Murray impresses with his amazing capacity, clean underline, and ease of movement. Murray is an early maturing, medium-framed bull that will add muscle to your herd. Murray has good BW and Growth EBV’s as well as favourable SS EBV’s.

Lot 43: KAMAB Ruhondo - DM20673C
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20673C

    Lot 43: Kamab Ruhondo - DM20673C

Another Rumba Miracle son on offer. His dam is by solid Kamab sire, Kamab Major. Ruhondo has good presence, solid top line, clean underline, strong head, and great Capacity. He is a good choice for Weaner producers and for those working with self-replacing herds.

Lot 44: KAMAB Masinga - DM20704
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20704

    Lot 44: Kamab Masinga - DM20704

Monopoly on a Ginger Ale daughter combination presents, Kamab Masinga. Great width throughout. An early-maturing bull with great muscling and overall capacity. Very good Carcass EBV’s. Masinga is a good choice to increase beef yield of your slaughter stock.

Lot 45: KAMAB Lunzer - DM20813C
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20813C

    Lot 45: Kamab Lunzer - DM20813C

Lunzer has got a strong head with a masculine neck blending nicely into his shoulders. He has good capacity, great bone and a good sheath.

Lot 46: KAMAB Rocha - DM20736C
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20736C

    Lot 46: Kamab Rocha - DM20736C

Rocha is another Miracle son with a great top line and a clean underline. Rocha has good length and depth of body with good presence and pigment. He has impressive growth EBVs. Rocha’s dam is a productive Kookaburra daughter.

Lot 47: KAMAB Saroma - DM20545
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20545

    Lot 47: Kamab Saroma - DM20545

Saroma is out of one of Kamab’s top Kookaburra daughters, Kamab Kelly. Kelly is the dam of Kamab stud sire Kamab Monopoly; Previous CS Bull Stephan; and 3 outstanding heifers. Saroma is by Kamab Savvy. He has great depth and length of body and impresses with his long thigh muscling. He is sure to add value to your next steer crop.

Lot 48: KAMAB Amisk - DM20564B
  • Kamab Simbra Stud - DM20564B

    Lot 48: Kamab Amisk - DM20564B

Amisk is a solid, Polled, Kamab Apollo son that will add value to your self-replacing beef herd. He catches the eye with good Width and Muscling. He has very impressive, above average fertility indicators and Carcass Yield EBV’s. A true herd-building bull.